Environmental Sustainability


Paymode-X helps companies shrink their carbon footprints by eliminating paper from payment and invoice processing. The environmental benefits are clear, measurable and immediate. Paymode-X can help you in your efforts to be a better corporate citizen.

The Paymode-X network is driving the migration from paper to electronic payments by the thousands each month, literally preventing tons of carbon emissions. And the need is acute—more than 1.1 billion trees are cut down each year to satisfy office needs.* 

How Can Paymode-X Help Your Company?

Use Bottomline’s Green Savings Calculator to find out how much Paymode-X will shrink your company’s carbon footprint.

Environmental Benefits

Because trees remove carbon dioxide from the earth’s atmosphere, cutting them down to produce paper actually speeds up climate change (one ream of paper = 12 pounds carbon).* The benefits of going paperless are enormous.

  • Going electronic for payments and invoicing means fewer file cabinets in the landfill, fewer printer cartridges and less ink and toner
  • Paymode-X users extend the lifespan of their printers and reduce the frequency of replacing and disposing of out-of-date machines
  • Eliminating paper storage pickup and delivery services reduces the mileage of fuel-burning trucks on the road
Case Study: Real Results

A U.S. payer, in the health care sector, replaced paper check payments with Paymode-X electronic payments to 68 percent of targeted vendors, representing about 900 of their vendors. By making the switch to electronic, this organization:

  • Saves 33.21 pounds of paper each month
  • Avoids 3.98 tons of greenhouse gas emissions per month
  • Saves 409.91 gallons of gasoline each month
  • Prevents 316.74 gallons of wastewater from discharging into rivers and lakes, each and every month**

*Source: Global Warming Initiatives, Inc.
**Source: NACHA PayltGreen Alliance Calculator

Is Paymode-X right for your organization?