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Receive electronic payments and remittance information to streamline receivables, reduce DSO and improve visibility to cash. Easily collaborate and exchange information with customers with the secure online portal.

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Why Get Paid Electronically?

Checks belong in the past. They lengthen DSO, are the most fraud-prone payment type and require you to rekey payment data for reconciliation.

How Electronic Payments Ensure You DSO (Don't Sacrifice Opportunity)

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Why Join Paymode-X?

With 400,000+ members, many of your key customers and vendor peers are already exchanging electronic payments here. Only Paymode-X gives you flexibility to receive electronic remittance in your preferred format, plus an array of valuable features to make managing receivables and collaborating with customers easier. And, you'll have peace of mind knowing your banking information is stored securely.

Solve for your top 2 Accounts Receivable pains: High DSO and lack of visibility to cash

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Why Get Paid Through Paymode-X?

Member Success

Get Paid Electronically
Through Paymode-X

“As a Vendor in the Paymode-X network we receive payments from our in-network customers. We get real-time visibility into detailed remittance data and can easily access historical payment data for reporting and reconciliation. The system is very user friendly and easy to navigate. Although we don’t need to call customer service often, when we do the response team is friendly and knowledgeable – resolving any issue quickly and efficiently. We’re so pleased with Paymode-X that we offer our customers their service as one of our acceptable payment options.”

– Donna Bruce, Credit/ Collections Analyst, BeaconMedaes LLC.

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Businesses like yours are already enjoying the benefits of getting paid electronically. Joining can help you improve relationships with your customers and increase your ability to win new business.

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