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Your customers are seeking better ways to make AP payments electronically. Partnering with Paymode-X helps you provide innovative payment capabilities that benefit your clients and in turn help you deepen customer loyalty, grow market share and expand your revenue opportunity. Offer Paymode-X on its own or as supplemental ACH capabilities for an existing card solution.

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Why Payment Networks?

Paper check payments and traditional approaches to ACH create unnecessary cost, inefficiency and risk for your customers. The data is indisputable. There's a better way.

Paymode-X: Success By The Numbers Transitioning from paper to electronic payments delivers efficiency, security, cost-savings, and Dividends with Paymode-X

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Why Paymode-X?

Bottomline Technologies Paymode-X Accelerates Conversion to Electronic Payments

There's simply no room for convoluted workflows, sluggish business processes, or worse yet, guesswork in today's competitive environment. - Jessica Moran, General Manager, Cloud Payment Solutions, Bottomline Technologies

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The payments industry is rapidly evolving and we're on the cutting edge. Learn what people are saying about Paymode-X and our valued partners.

It is through solutions like Bottomline Technologies Paymode-X that B2B payments can begin to keep pace with the rapidly evolving payments landscape.- Jane Larimer, Chief Operating Officer, NACHA

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See how Paymode-X with Visa Payables Solutions helps banks innovate in business payments while helping corporates transform AP to a profit center