Paymode-X adds Mastercard Virtual Card Capability

Bottomline Technologies and Mastercard are connecting Mastercard’s In Control® for Commercial Payments technology with Bottomline’s Paymode-X. This integration will create a universal business payment solution that allows customers to automate payments while increasing revenue opportunities, efficiencies and control.

Fix for Fragmented and Complex Business Payments

With 51% of B2B payments still exchanged by paper check1, there is still room for drastic improvement in the way businesses pay and get paid. Even businesses already leveraging electronic payment methods often have disparate approaches to card and ACH programs. This requires IT and AP time to support multiple integrations into existing systems and processes, and involves multiple vendor outreach attempts. Treating these electronic payment programs separately means missed opportunities for automation and financial return.

The Integration of Paymode-X & Mastercard In Control for Commercial Payments

This new, complete payment processing solution enables businesses to tap into the extensive networks of Paymode-X and Mastercard to exchange virtual card, ACH, check and wire payments. It ensures the optimal payment method is used for every AP payment scenario, translating to higher overall payment automation and optimized cash flow and revenues from program incentives. The combined solution utilizes the only predictive vendor enablement methodology—the Paymode-X Intelligent Engagement Model — to help onboard vendors and realize benefits quickly. A single, comprehensive solution with value to both buyers and suppliers creates a faster, easier and more secure way for businesses to make and receive payments.

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1. 2016 AFP Electronic Payments Survey